Salon & Beauty Supplies

Hair Styling Tools

Welcome to Dushang Beauty Supplies, Regina SK.

Salon owners understand that it costs money to run a salon. At Dushang Beauty Supplies we understand that too. We are committed to lowering those costs so you can keep more money in your jeans. We import quality salon supplies and distribute them at great prices. This allows salon owners to make higher profit margins for their businesses.  

Salon Furniture

We have great relationships with manufacturers that produce varied products. So, we stock a wide variety of supplies for your salon. We stock makeup chairs, haircut chairs, and taborets to make your clients and staff comfortable. 

First Aid Kits

We also get smokin’ hot deals on First Aid Kits. We pass the savings on to you. Who can argue that having a First Aid Kit doesn’t make sense? No one, right. We have 3 kits in stock. Basic, Premium, and Super Premium to select from. Get a Basic kit for your vehicle, a Premium kit for home, and a Super Premium kit for your workplace. It is the responsible thing to do.  

We Are Happy to Help You

Dushang Beauty Supplies invites you to visit us at our warehouse, B12 12100 Ewing Ave. in Regina SK.

Send us an email, info@dushang.ca, or give us a call at (306) 522-5217. We would like to be of service to you and have you become a repeat customer. Repeating more purchases of salon supplies than First Aid Kits. We don’t want anyone getting hurt just to be our repeat customers.